Entry / Exit


Customs & Excise Clearance

Passengers entering HKSAR at control points are required to declare to Customs officers any prohibited / controlled items and the quantity of dutiable commodities (liquor, tobacco, cigarette and cigar) which are not entitled or in excess of the duty-free concessions.

Immigration Clearance

All crew and passengers must have a valid travel document and a visa/entry permit to visit. No Entry Visa can be granted upon arrival.

Aircraft Quarantine

Aircraft will be randomly selected among inbound flights for onboard inspection. The inspection will be conducted after disembarkation of passenger and will mainly focus on mosquito control and sanitation condition inside the aircraft (please refer to Annex I for key requirements). For refractory cases refuse to comply with relevant advice such as immediate remedial disinsection, the airline would be subject to legal order pursuant to the Cap.599A regulation (please refer to Annex II for detailed protocol).

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