Flight Operations

  • What is the operating hours of HKBAC ?

    HKBAC operation is round the clock (24 hours) and 7 days a week.

  • Which hotels are nearest to HKBAC?

    There are three hotels close by HKBAC including the Regal Airport Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Skycity Marriott Hotel which are near airport area and the Novotel Citygate Hong Kong Hotel, which is near Tung Chung area. All three hotels are within 15 mins driving distancewith HKBAC.

  • Is any private jet or helicopter available for charter? What is their contact?

    HKBAC could provide information on both business jet and helicopter chartering service for your reference. Please contact our Customer Service Team via  hkbac@hkbac.com for more information.

  • Can our representative and vehicle meet the passenger at the planeside?

    According to the Airport regulations, no outside vehicle is allowed to enter the airport restricted area (planside). Your representative can greet the passenger at HKBAC Executive Lounge with prior arrangement.

  • How to apply landing permit?

    The Airport Transport (Licensing of Air Service) Regulations require that any person wishing to use aircraft in Hong Kong for provision of non-scheduled air service must obtain a permit from the Director-General of CAD.

    The application must be submitted at least 3 working days before the anticipated arrival/departure date of the flight in Hong Kong. For services operated by new or infrequent operators, it is advisable that an application be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of operation.

    For more details, please visit: https://www.cad.gov.hk/english/efiling_home.html

    HKBAC could apply the landing permit on your behalf, please contact our Customer Service Team for the arrangement

  • What is the procedure for apply runway slot and BAPS?

    Please click here for more detail.

  • What is FRCS? Will the approved slot be affected?

    Following a prolonged disruption to airport operations such as flow control, typhoon and closure of runway, the Flight Rescheduling Control System (FRCS) will be activated by Airport Authority with a view to resuming normal airport operations in an orderly manner. During the activation of the FRCS, slot clearance requests for all flights to be operated during the recovery period will be handled by Airport Authority. All allocated slot from OCS during the FRCS period will be automatically cancelled. HKBAC is the only appointed agent to apply the runway slot for business jets while FRCS is activated.


  • Is CIQ available at HKBAC for whole day?

    Customs and Immigration officers will be on site at HKBAC when there is flight operating at HKBAC.

  • How long does it take for Immigration clearance?

    The clearance process is quick, around 5-15 mins normally. However, the actual time subjects to the type of travelling document of passengers.

  • What is the limit for dutiable commodities like liquor/tobacco and controlled items e.g. milk powder (powdered formula)?

    Passengers entering HKSAR at control points are required to declare to Customs officers any prohibited / controlled items and the quantity of dutiable commodities (liquor, tobacco, cigarette and cigar) which are not entitled or in excess of the duty-free concessions. For details, please refer to Customs and Excise Department official website for latest information:


  • What is the entry or Visa requirement for Hong Kong?

    For the visa/entry permit requirement, please visit Immigration Department official website: https://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/visit-transit/visit-visa-entry-permit.html

    No Entry Visa can be granted upon arrival, all crew/pax must have a valid travel document and a visa/entry permit to visit.


  • Is Shower Room available?

    Shower Room can be reserved for travelling flight crew and passenger.  For reservation, please contact our Customer Service Team via hkbac@hkbac.com.

  • Is Conference Room available?

    Conference Room can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Equipped with essential conference settings and appliances, it can accommodate at maximum 10 people. Special request on conference room settings and requirement to cater your meeting needs could also be accommodated upon request.

    For reservation and price quotation, please contact our Customer Service Team via hkbac@hkbac.com .

  • Are there any restaurants available?

    No restaurant is operating at HKBAC. There are many restaurants close by at the main terminals for commercial flights (Terminal One and Terminal Two) and Tung Chung area which is within 15 mins driving distance.

  • Is car park available at HKBAC?

    HKBAC car park is located at the front of HKBAC terminal. Parking is complimentary if your vehicle is for crew and passenger pick-up and drop-off.

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